Huawei reveals brand-new AI-powered server chips

Here’s another interesting article from Itproportal titled:  Huawei introduces new AI-powered server chips

Huawei is readied to begin marketing web servers powered by its own integrated circuit, Reuters reported this Wednesday.

The chips are presently being constructed by Huawei’s semiconductor business Hisilicon, and can already be located in some of its smart devices and also telecoms equipment.

However, the servers Huawei offers to telecom firms and cloud companies are mostly powered by Intel’s equipment.

From what we recognize until now, the firm will be making use of the Ascend 910 chipset, a 7nm piece which Huawei insurance claims is twice as effective as the Nvidia v100, considered its major competitor. The Ascend 910 chipset will be readily available at some point throughout the summer of 2019.

But Huawei will not be selling these. “Since we do not market to 3rd parties, there is no straight competitors between Huawei and also chip vendors,” Xu said on Wednesday, in feedback to questions regarding competition from business such as Qualcomm, AMD and also Nvidia.” We supply hardware and cloud computer solution.”

Besides the Ascend 910, there is also the Ascend 310, a chip for smart tools which is offered at the time of writing.

This July, we reported that Huawei was aiming to include expert system to the chips given by Hisilicon. Although the information was mainly in the context of consumer electronics, industrial and also venture hardware was likewise pointed out.

At that time, it was suggested that Huawei is aiming to decrease its freedom on US producers to come to be, to name a few things, even more resistant to possible United States sanctions.

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