Here’s another interesting article from Itproportal titled:  Google currently linked to Chile by means of undersea cable

Google has actually just attached the state of California with Chile using a below ground wire in its newest initiative to upgrade as well as enhance on its existing cloud computing facilities.

Starting in Los Angeles, the ‘Curie’ cord , as Google calls it, is 10,000 kilometres long, as well as copulates to Valparaiso, a city port just west of the funding Santiago.

The brand-new web link would “provide advantages and opportunities for numerous Internet customers” in Chile, claimed the Chilean Minister of Transport as well as Telecom Gloria Hutt in a statement revealing the web link.

According to a Reuters record , Chile is working with deploying a fibre-optic network throughout the country. At the exact same time, it’s additionally servicing connecting literally with Asia, using a subsea line.

Google, on the various other hand, has an information centre in Santiago. It has been spending a whole lot in modern technology framework, including underwater cords. Besides Chile, the US is attached to Denmark, Ireland and Asia.

In July in 2014, it was reported that the company started building its undersea cable television towards France This set is going from Virginia Beach in the US, to France’s Atlantic shore. This set is called “Dunant” and is anticipated to be finished at some point next year.

There are additionally wires linking Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Uruguay and others.

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