Here’s another interesting article from Itproportal titled:  Facebook launches bounty program for app designers mistreating information

Facebook has announced that it is releasing a “data abuse” bounty program in order to help reduce the abuse of data by app designers.

The timing of the announcement corresponds with Facebook President Mark Zuckerberg’s appearance before congress to describe just how the data of 87m of the social media network’s users was improperly shared with the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica

Facebook’s brand-new bounty program will reward people with first-hand understanding and also proof that a Facebook system app has actually been gathering and moving individual information to an additional event to be sold, stolen or used for political influence.

Head of Item Protection at Facebook, Colin Greene discussed how reports of data abuse would be handled by the firm in a post , claiming:

“We’ll assess all reputable records and react as swiftly as feasible when we determine a trustworthy hazard to individuals’s information. If we verify data misuse, we will certainly shut down the angering app as well as take lawful activity against the firm marketing or purchasing the information, if required. We’ll pay the person who reported the issue, as well as we’ll likewise signal those we think to be influenced.”

The social media’s new data misuse bounty program is the initial of its kind and with any luck it will encourage various other companies and solutions to implement comparable plans in order to help protect user information.

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