Take Control of Your SAP Security and Governance

Xpandion enables enterprises to increase security, simplify SoD,
SOX & authorization projects and optimize SAP® licensing.

Xpandion’s unprecedented approach focused on the real-time behavior of SAP users, has positioned the company as an emerging leader in SAP-based risk management and behavioral analysis software for large organizations. Xpandion provides unique, behavior-based analytical tools that optimize SAP®-driven enterprise management systems license and security management.

Whether your objective is to increase SAP security, optimize licensing costs, streamline authorizations or manage and maintain compliance, Xpandion’s Suite of software solutions will help you reach all your enterprise efficiency targets quickly, easily and with no interruptions to running SAP systems.

Xpandions’s products and solutions are external to SAP and quick and easy to implement. The end-user dialogues are all user-friendly industry-standard Web browser based. The products can be implemented as SaaS service or installed in-house. The products work with minimal hardware requirements and have NO adverse impact on SAP performance or SAP upgrade projects.