Winshuttle software simplifies the data management process in SAP ERP. Winshuttle’s business-led, IT-enabled solutions allow users to upload and download SAP data to Excel faster than ever, and automate their own processes without relying on IT resources or compromising security or governance.


Xpandion provides behavior-based analytical tools that optimize SAP®-driven enterprises’ management systems licenses and security management. Xpandion’s solutions make SAP® thin and controllable by increasing security & control, simplifying resources for authorisation projects, and optimizing licensing costs.

STA Consulting and VirtDB

The products from VirtDB and partner company STA Consulting provide automation in Help desk functions in conjunction with ServiceNow, BMC Remedy and other industry leading ITIL systems. In addition, the product portfolio contains product to improve BI processes and ABAP Progtramming. For information, visit the supplier websites.


Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) reduces the challenges of system copies for SAP applications,allowing you to easily perform fully automated and optimized SAP system copies with very low manual overhead and quick processing. The delivery time is shortened considerably, reducing the processing cost to a minimum.


Stonebranch has provided leading job scheduling/workload automation tools that manages workload and transfers files across enterprise platforms such as Windows, Linux, UNIX z/OS, SAP and Cloud-based applications.


Grey Monarch

Grey Monarch’s PinPoint for SAP -tool does daily healthchekcs into your SAP systems, prviding you with insight about how your processes are actually being managed


D’PROS solutions simplify many data manipulation and analysis processes in SAP ERP. The solutions enhance standard SAP functions by providing more automation, functionality and ease of use for end-users.


Vanguard offers an integrated suite of security software products that are designed to meet today’s unprecedented security challenges. The products bring together formerly separate functions of security administration, access and authentication, reporting and analysis, and policy compliance.