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STA Consulting add-on tools for SAP

Providing Service desk users, Developers and BI end-users additional functionality to improve productivity

STA Consulting and VirtDB provides tools to improve productivity within Help Desk, ABAP programming and BI




D’PROS solutions simplifies many data manipulation and analysis processes in SAP ERP. The solutions enhance standard SAP functions, by providing more automation, functionality
and ease of use for end-users.


Stonebranch solutions allows you to automate the IT production across multiple platforms including SAP.




Universal Automation Center is an industry-awarded solution for today’s challenging IT processing centers. The primary, and only user interface is 100% web-based and can be accessed and used, by admins as well as scheduling staff, from any web-enabled device, including your smartphone. The Universal Controller can run on Linux, Unix, or Windows. In addition, we have a variety of agents that can manage workload across the IT environment, including virtualized servers or cloud computing – where database and application tasks are base functionality, not licensed servers.

Universal Automation Center was designed to exploit the latest Web 2.0 technology to provide a useable interface for IT and business users alike. Workflows can be constructed for logical business processes and can include various types of tasks, with different run frequencies, different start times, or a number of other variations designed into a single workflow. This can drastically reduce the number of definitions that must be maintained with other vendor products.

This easy-to-use automation tool is enabling the data center, application developers, and database administrators as well as other infrastructure personnel to simplify their daily tasks, and even accelerate the delivery of new business functionality. More …


Our z/OS agent allows customers to eliminate MIPS/MSU-based pricing for the mainframe workload and also includes an integrated z/OS restart/rerun capabilities, at no additional charge. Enablement for the latest technology, like virtualization and cloud computing does not come in the form of acquired and/or bolted-on products, which often come with an extra price tag and maintenance cost. This capability are natural features due to the architecture of Universal Automation Center, with new agents auto-registering with the controller, eliminating configuration effort and enabling immediate processing.


Case Studies



CSC reduced the management time of their job scheduling environment by 65% thanks to Stonebranch’s Universal Agent. Universal Universal Agent replaced CSC’s legacy system, reducing cost, time and resources associated with job scheduling tasks. “The important part of the Stonebranch solution is that it is independent. It gave us the ability to upgrade our current job scheduling environment,” says Torben Olsen, Systems Engineer at CSC.

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Stonebranch’s Independent Scheduling Agents solution integrated seamlessly with GuideOne Insurance’s mainframe and distributed environments, saving time, money and resources. “Because of Universal Agent, 10 percent of three full-time employees’ time was recovered, averaging a savings of $32,000 annually,” says Sandee Lehman, Data Center Manager for GuideOne.

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Coop Denmark achieves near-100% workflow automation by switching to Stonebranch solution. Coop Denmark operates 1,200 stores with 38,000 employees. It has a 38% share of the Danish grocery trade. The company uses a mainframe and many distributed, open systems to process its data. As it grew, it acquired smaller grocery chains and needed to integrate their IT systems as well.

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FirstOntario Credit Union automated disparate job scheduling tools with Stonebranch’s Universal Agent. “By automating our processes, there is no need for manual intervention and the amount of time and resources dedicated to our job scheduling process is greatly reduced,” says Michael J. Walsh, Director, Enterprise Technology at FirstOntario.

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LVM centralized Java batch scheduling with Stonebranch’s award-winning Universal Agent, we are able to seamlessly monitor and manage our new WebSphere XD-based insurance application flows from our proven job scheduling environment, without having to hire new employees or purchase additional management tools,” says Jürgen Falk, Project Leader at LVM.

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JN Data

JN Data Streamlinesd and standardized its job scheduling environment thanks to Stonebranch. “We can now run operations in a standardized way. Both Jyske Bank and Nykredit can be handled with the same tools, ensuring that all job scheduling is secure and compliant. We can be more productive instead of dealing with maintenance and production issues,” says Kim Kvist Hansen, Section Manager for Operations Planning.

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Track user access to SAP data in yout SIEM

with the CorreLog Agent for SAP.



CorreLog provides cross-platform IT security log management and event log correlation. The solutions provide best-in-class, real-time event log collection across both distributed and mainframe systems. Event logs generated from CorreLog Agents are ready-format for the CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server or any SIEM correlation engine.

The CorreLog Agent for IBM z/OS

The CorreLog Agent for IBM z/OS expands the role of your corporate IT security system – whether the CorreLog Enterprise Server or other SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) collector – to include true real-time monitoring of mainframe SMF messages, empowering you with new and important capabilities for enhanced visibility into your mainframe user activity. Complete your centralized log management and/or SIEM strategy leveraging this powerful and unique real-time mainframe security and compliance component.

For many large organizations, one or more IBM z/OS mainframes constitute a strategic capital investment for their most mission-critical applications and processes. The CorreLog Agent for z/OS enables these organizations to combine z/OS SMF events with SIEM Syslog data, giving IT security personnel a complete system-wide vantage point for cyber-threat and security breach alerts. With SIEM platforms existing predominantly in distributed environments, the CorreLog Agent for z/OS allows organizations to include mainframe event log data in real-time for a unified, multiplatform view of enterprise security event data in a single console.

In concert with SIEM monitoring applications such as the CorreLog Enterprise Server or competing solutions, the CorreLog z/OS Agent allows the user to view mainframe SMF security, database and TCP/IP events, alongside events from Windows, UNIX, Linux, routers, firewalls, and other IT assets and can alert IT security personnel of cyber-threats before they happen.

The CorreLog z/OS Agent installs quickly, uses minimal resources, and does not require extensive training, ongoing maintenance or administration. The Agent is easily configured, allowing users to select from a myriad of events including TSO Logons, Production Job ABENDs, TCP/IP Connections, FTP File Transfers, RACF, CA Top Secret, ACF2, and DB2 accesses. Out of this event log data, security systems administrators may filter further by sub-categories and receive only the data relevant to security threats. This filtering capability streamlines data flow to SIEM system consoles without compromising network bandwidth.

The z/OS Agent also operates within the constraints of increasing compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, FISMA, HIPAA, NERC and Sarbanes-Oxley.

CorreLog Agent for SAP


Real-time Syslog conversion and normalization of SAP messages

Global businesses are running their most critical applications on the SAP platform. Users accessing services such as CRM, ERP, Asset Management, Financial Management, Human Resources, Procurement and Product Lifecycle Management and Supply Chain can number in the thousands at a large enterprise. The potential for cyber threat across such a wide swath of user activity is great and the need to track user behavior paramount.

The CorreLog Agent for SAP monitors system access to determine user activity related to system and profile changes, including both logon and logoff events. This allows the system administrator to keep track of who is accessing the system by the activity they log while in the system.

The Agent takes existing core SAP message related to user logon/logoffs, transactions, user profile edits/changes, etc., converts them to Syslog in real time, then normalizes the data for inclusion into the CorreLog Enterprise SIEM or any other SIEM system. Additional SAP messages can be included for conversion with and easy-to-configure Windows-based GUI, depending on the SIEM requirement.

The Agent takes minutes to install and includes all the function of the CorreLog Windows Agent (event log monitoring, log file monitoring, remote configuration/deployment) within a very small footprint that utilizes very little system resource. It can operate in both real-time and batch file mode and includes a comprehensive installation manual along with additional utilities to format additional SAP information.

Case Studies



Seminole County Public School (SCPS) System employs a “hub and spoke” IT environment that supports 8,500 employees and 63,000 students. Application delivery by the school system is both client/server and Software as a Service (SaaS). SCPS delivers these applications across more than 900 virtual servers where 99 percent of the operating systems are Microsoft Windows-based.

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Rechenzentrum Region Stuttgart GmbH (RZRS). The German government began issuing ID cards in 2012 to all of its citizens. RZRS was called on to assist with this monumental IT task. The German government mandated that RZRS handle the stringent demands of governmental compliance, while adhering to the SLAs for performance and availability. RZRS turned to CorreLog.”

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MTS Allstream

Ninety percent into the first phase of a multi-million dollar security information and event management (SIEM) implementation, MTS Allstream was asked by a major U.S. retailer to fi nd a mainframe agent to monitor DB2 activity. The solution would also have to be PCI compliant.

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Libelle solutions allows you to  automate and speed up the processing of SAP system copies. System copies can be produced in a fraction of the time compared to manual methods.

No more headaches when performing SAP system copies thanks to automated software from Libelle. SAP system copies must be scheduled weeks in advance before execution. The delivery of system copies can be complex and time consuming and require several man days of manual work each time they are produced. Producing system copies requires specific expertise and can block key staff capacity due to the large amount of manual intervention. In addition, the entire process is prone to error and costly in complex environments.

Libelle SystemCopy

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) reduces the challenges of system copies for SAP applications to the execution and monitoring of a pre-defined automated procedure. LSC allows you to easily perform fully automated and optimized SAP system copies with very low manual overhead and quick processing. The result is consistent and error free, due to a maximum degree of automation. The delivery time is shortened considerably, reducing the processing cost to a minimum.

Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) allows you to easily perform fully automated and optimized SAP system copies with: Low Manual Overhead, Quick Processing, Consistent Results, Maximum Degree of Automation, Significantly reduced processing costs.


Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) reduces the challenges of system copies for SAP applications to the execution and monitoring of a pre-defined automated procedure. Once implemented, Libelle SystemCopy (LSC) provides a time-optimized and standardized implementation of the procedure, no matter when and how often while maintaining a high degree of flexibility even in changing environments. More …



There are many benefits for using Libelle SystemCopy. These are a few of them:


  • LSC runs on all major operating systems and requires no additional infrastructure components
  • LSC can be easily installed to your SAP environments and can be used immediately
  • Nothing is changed in your SAP environment (servers, databases, operating systems, interfaces, etc.)
  • Supports all Sybase®, Oracle®, MaxDB™, DB2®, or Microsoft SQL Server® databases
    LSC supports ABAP®, Doublestack and Java Stack
  • LSC is a pure server process and uses TCP / IP for data exchange
  • Configuring and monitoring can be easily perfomed of any computer. This is done with the GUI, or alternatively via Command Line
  • For pure copy you can use your existing infrastructure methods, such as Snapshots of the storage manufacturers. Alternatively, you can use the built-in Libelle-own copymechanism.
  • Open Framework. Tasks are easily customizable.



Case Studies



“Thanks to BusinessShadow, we significantly increased our protection against the disaster incident” -Christian Schreiner (SAP Basis/IT-Administration)

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Migros uses the database mirror from Libelle. In the event of a crash, a switch is made immediately to the time-deferred mirroring system, and the last error-free status can be reconstructed without data loss. This offers, for one, the optimum protection in the event of an emergency, but it also can be used as a recovery solution, as a data recovery operation can be done significantly more quickly than a “restore from tape.”

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“We recommmend DBShadow to our customers when they ask for our hosting services. We are convinced DBShadow is a modern, sophisticated and complete high availability solution suitable for even the highest demands. This partnership improves our standing with our customers” Olaf Salzer, Key Account Manager, Elaxy

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