asapFlow Solutions

Simplified Work Processes with Seamless Integration of SharePoint and SAP

asapFlow is a suite of applications developed by ADSOTECH and powered by Winshuttle Enterprise products designed to make SAP end-user dialogues guided, controlled and easier to use via workflow processes. The objective is to streamline business processes and to improve end user productivity.

asapFlow is delivered as a preconfigured solution as SaaS or in-house hosting. Based on customer requirements the ADSOTECH support team can re-configure and tailor the solution to match your exact needs. After the initial delivery you can add more workflow processes and optionally develop and build new processes yourself. Programming skills are not required and you can take responsibility for your own processes. The standard solution can be delivered in 2 days for in-house customer hosting or SaaS deployment.

The applications have been created using SAP certified Winshuttle Enterprise tools including the graphical Winshuttle Designer tool for workflow process design. Forms have been created using the Microsoft InfoPath tool. Connections between InfoPath Forms and SAP have been created using Winshuttle Transaction and Winshuttle Query tools. Data transfer with SAP is centralized using Winshuttle Foundation. ADSOTECH provides ongoing maintenance and support of delivered solutions. Optionally, the delivery of the asapFlow solution includes licenses for Winshuttle Enterprise enabling the customer to develop and maintain the delivered solutions in case the customer wishes to do so.


The application suite consists of workflow processes and re-engineered end-user dialogues for most common SAP modules and processes, e.g.

  • – Journal entry in FICO
  • – Customer and supplier creation and maintenance in SD
  • – Product creation and maintenance in MM.

The asapFLOW solution simplifies complex user interfaces and business processes and provides easy to use well structured web based end-user dialogues. With asapFLOW there is no longer a need to send documents via email or to re-key or copy data from one system to another. More effective and streamlined processes save time and improve quality of data. Your organization can save tens or even hundreds of man years in increased productivity.

The solution is licensed on a fixed monthly subscription basis based on the number of end-users using the solution. The subscription price includes installation, customization, training and ongoing maintenance. There is no initial cost. The customers pay only a monthly subscription fee. Additional users can be added step by step as well as additional workflows. The solution may alternatively be acquired on perpetual terms and conditions.

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asapFlow Integrator and asapFlow Poller

The asapFlow Integrator and asapFlow Poller are solutions that automate the triggering of workflows from events occurring in SAP or in systems residing outside of SAP and Winshuttle workflows. Data from external systems or forms within Extranets, Intranets and SharePoint can be automatically routed to Workflow processes and thereafter to SAP. With asapFlow Integrator supplied by ADSOTECH, automatic integration routines can be built e.g. between customer’s own web applications,, SAP and Winshuttle workflows working on top of SAP.

With asapFlow Poller automatic integration routines can be built e.g. SAP or any other applications that have an API and Winshuttle workflows working on top of SAP.

asapFlow Add-on tools

ADSOTECH has developed the following additional features to Winshuttle workflow solutions to reduce end-to end response times in the dialogues as well as to enhance workflow management capabilities. The solutions can be included into workflows developed with Winshuttle Designer and Winshuttle COMPOSER.

  • Fast and dynamic line-item entry -Fast and dynamic way of entering line-item entries in financial postings
  • Excel import and export features -Superfast import/export of data between Workflow forms and Excel. The feature also supports direct importing and exporting of data between forms, without using Excel.
  • Management Cockpit -The Management Cockpit is a monitoring system that shows in an easy to understand format a log of all background transactions executed or being executed in a workflow.
  • Data archival and pre-archival -The Pre-Archival functionality can be used to synchronize (not move) any new/changed items to the archive a few minutes after item is created/changed. Real archival can move completed items to archive for example two months after completion (only 10000 items in live environment).

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  • Data flows in and out of the system – Seamless SAP Integration enables data download and validation from SAP already in the beginning of the process. E.g. a new customer is not created if it already exists in the CRM system.
  • Auditability – The system can save documents and activities with all process actions into a log file even when users are in different locations. All actions can be audited and SLA’s can be monitored.
  • Easy Management – Access rights are based on SAP and SharePoint roles of the users with full integration to Active Directory.
  • Development process is simple and fast – The entire Workflow is delivered without programming and Business units can further develop and customize their own processes and forms without external IT resources.
  • The Workflows can be connected to SAP and other data systems – E.g. scanning and archiving of documents can be an automatic part of the process. Workflows can also be connected to cloud services outside of SAP.
  • Multilingual – You can easily build multilingual forms. Text in the form is dynamically selected based on language preference of the user.